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Go With All Your Heart

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Welcome to Luxico Fashion, the premiere supplier of luxury fashion brands to Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Beauty and Fashion

Fashion Concierge

We are proud to bring the best of fashion, from all around the world to our customers in Sub-Saharan Africa. French-Speaking Africa has a passion for fashion and Luxico Fashion fills that need by supplying local businesses with some of the most prestigious fashion brands from around the world. 

Tropical Flower

Fashion Thrives Here

In today’s fast-paced world, time has become one of our greatest luxuries. At the heart of LUXICO'S core philosophy is the devotion to giving our members back time, so they can concentrate on enjoying the best fashion has to offer.  With an ever-growing list of 800 members, we are Francophone Africa’s premier fashion concierge service.  

Only the Best

We are honored to partner with so many extraordinary brands. We are selective about the brands and people we choose to work with – and make sure to align our mission and values with those of our partners. We are proud to supply an array of brands, varying in price point and positioning, within each category.

Outdoor Fashion
Women's Fashion
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